Accepted Papers

  • On Annihilator of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Subsets of modules
    P.K. Sharma,Jalandhar City, India,Gagandeep Kaur,IKG PT University,Punjab

    In the theory of rings and modules there is a correspondence between certain ideals of a ring R and submodules of an R-module that arise from annihilation. The submodules obtained using annihilation, which correspond to prime ideals play an important role in decomposition theory. In this paper, we attempt to intuitionistic fuzzify the concept of annihilators of subsets of modules. We investigate certain characterization of intuitionistic fuzzy annihilators of subsets of modules. Using the concept of intuitionistic fuzzy annihilators, intuitionistic fuzzy prime submodules and intuitionistic fuzzy annihilator ideals are defined and various related properties are established.